definition of sbp2 Passed in dispute?

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Anybody know what Passed means in sbp2?

In response to any "status block" of a "Scsi command block orb", an sbp2 host has to decide to what to do next.  To define Passed, we say in response to a Passed result, the host may rest from its labours.  To define Failed, we say in response to a Failed result, the host may interpret the sense_key:sense_code:sense_qualifier and retry.  In response to any Other result, the host has to invoke more severe remedies, such as any of the many too many (at least eight) forms of reset.

Can anyone out there say that the definition of Passed for sbp2 is anything but that status arrived within the time permitted and then contains precisely:

        (src == 0 OfOrb) || (src == 1 OfLastOrb)
        && (resp == 0 RequestComplete)
        && (d == 0 FetchAgentDiedNot)
        && (len >= 1 Two QuadletsOfStatus)
        && (sbp_status == 0 NoAdditionalInfo)


(((I trust I'm correct to infer that noone has published a specification for deciding if a cdb sent thru FireWire has Passed?)))

Can anyone say if any other definitions of Passed are popular?

I ask because we've heard rumours of host folk having shipped definitions that plainly only mostly work, like (len <= 1) or (sense_key == 0) or (resp == 0) or some other recklessly incomplete comparison.

Thanks in advance.    Pat LaVarre

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