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There are some error conditions that can occur in the SPI L_Q information
unit that SPI-4 does not tell how to handle. They are:

1) If, when the initiator sends a L_Q IU, it sets the data length field to
a value outside the legal 14h-90h range  what is the target supposed to do.
2) If, when the initiator sends a L_Q IU or the target sends a L_Q IU with
a type of status and the BIDI Direction field is not set to zero what
should the receiving device do?

For problem 1 I propose it be handled the same way as if the device
received an illegal type code by adding the following wording section

'If a target receives a SPI L_Q information unit with an illegal data
length (see table 45)  target shall transfer all the bytes indicated by the
data length and iuCRC interval and shall discard the transmitted
information. After transferring all the bytes the target shall change to a
DT DATA IN phase and transmit a
SPI status information unit with a RSPVALID bit of one and the packetized

For problem 2 I propose that the BIDI Direction field be ignored except for
the data and data stream type codes.  The following wording should be added
into table 45 for the last command, multiple command, and status type code

'The BIDI DIRECTION field shall be set to zero and ignored by the initiator.'

Any comments????

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