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Wed Apr 18 10:24:31 PDT 2001

Cindy Tiritilli, Cindy at, has requested an ACCURATE head count 
for the SBP-3 meetings so she may confirm catering arrangements. PLEASE 

If you have not already registered for this meeting, you may wish to read 
the remainder of the message.

The arrangements have been finalized for the April 26 - 27, 2001 SBP-3 
Meeting in Portland, Oregon. This meeting is co-located with the Printer 
Working Group (PWG) meetings the same week. Many thanks to the PWG, and 
Cindy Tiritilli, for extending logistical support to the SBP-3 working group.

When:   Thursday - Friday
              April 26 - 27, 2001

Where:  Portland Marriott City Center
              520 Southwest Broadway
              Portland, OR 97205 USA

              Phone: 1-503-226-6300
              Fax: 1-503-227-7515

Hotel Accommodations: $ 149/night, single or double occupancy.

Reservations: Please call the Marriott Reservation Center at (800) 228-9290 
or contact the hotel directly at (503) 226-6300 to reserve your sleeping room.

All attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. When 
making your reservation, the meeting will be listed under
"PWG" and "IEEE-ISTO".  Rooms are being held for the nights of April 22 - 
27, 2001.

Meeting details for the PWG are posted on the PWG Chair's page at

SBP-3 participants, you MUST register for the meetings you plan to attend 
via the PWG Meeting Registration Form, located at

The cost for daily meeting attendance is $ 60.00 per day. (Payments are 
processed on the first day of the meeting series.)
Participants are responsible for their own lunch. It is also possible to 
pay the meeting fee on site, but ONLY BY CHECK. There will be no facilities 
to accept payment by credit card on site nor to have the meeting fee added 
to your hotel bill.

Please contact Cindy Tiritilli, IEEE-ISTO PWG Program Manager, (732) 
981-3434 or Cindy at, if you have any questions.


Peter Johansson

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