01-099r1 Letting PR ignore target ports

Elliott, Robert Robert.Elliott at COMPAQ.com
Tue Apr 17 16:07:08 PDT 2001

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This document on the CAP agenda has been posted to the T10 web site:

01-099r1 - Letting persistent reservations ignore target ports
Removed discussion of a mode page option; this version only uses 
a bit in the CDB. Removed target port group relationship.  Adds 
a new PR IN service action to report capabilities.

I'll post an update to the other related proposal later this week:

01-100r1 - Letting persistent reservations ignore initiator ports
This version will add a PR OUT service action to register an
"initiator device identifier", and add a bit to the CDB to use
a registered initiator device identifier rather than the
initiator port identifier.

Rob Elliott, Compaq Server Storage
Robert.Elliott at compaq.com

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