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Here is the draft agenda for the upcoming SRP working group 
meeting in Nashua, NH.  Please send me any corrections or 
additions.   Please try to submit documents to posting on 
the T10 web site as early as possible.  

The meeting will begin one hour after the T10 plenary on
Thursday 3 May and run from 9am until 2pm on Friday 4 May.
Thursday is for technical proposals; Friday is for detailed
document review prior to letter ballot.

1. Opening remarks and introduction
2. Attendance and membership
3. Approve agenda
4. Review minutes from previous meeting (01-092r0 by Rob Elliott)
5. Review old action items
6. SRP multichannel proposal (01-085r0 by Cris Simpson)
7. SRP InfiniBand(tm) annex (01-028r4 by Greg Pellegrino and Rob Elliott)
8. SRP document review (srp-r04 by Ed Gardner)
9. Review new action items
10. Meeting schedule
11. Adjournment

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