New documents posted - SPI-4 negotiation rewrite, SAM-2 WAKEUP task management function

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The following documents have or will shortly be posted
on the T10 web site:

01-131r0 - SPI-4 negotiation message rewrite
This rewrites the PPR, SDTR, and WDTR sections, trying to
clarify the interactions between the messages and explain 
all the error scenarios.  Today's software probably just
issues a BUS RESET if an error occurs during negotiation.
This tries to clarify the states if that is not done.

Please review this prior to the parallel SCSI WG meeting.
The text was first pulled from SPI-4 revision 0 and I
might have missed some changes accumulated through 
revision 4.

01-132r0 - SAM-2 SBC-2 SPI-4 WAKEUP and reset cleanup
SPI-4 and SBC-2 currently reference WAKEUP and RESET SERVICE
DELIVERY SUBSYSTEM task management functions which are not
described in SAM-2.  This proposes documenting WAKEUP in
SAM-2 so other protocol authors will know about it.  Several
other changes relating to reset and task management
functions are discussed.

01-092r1 - Minutes of the SRP WG March 8-9, 2001 
This revision corrects a few of the document numbers.

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