Announcement: IPS interim meeting to coincide with T10 meeting in Nashua

Elizabeth Rodriguez egrodriguez at
Tue Apr 10 18:24:03 PDT 2001

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Hello all,

This is an announcement to make all T10 attendees that there will be an
interim meeting of the IETF IPS WG held during T10 week in Nashua, NH.
It will be co-located with the T10 meetings.
On Monday, April 30, the topics at the meeting will be Fibre Channel
related (FCIP and iFCP drafts and related issues).
On Tuesday, May 1, the topics at the meeting will be SCSI related (e.g.
iSCSI related).

An agenda for the interim meeting will be going out later this week.
Anyone interested is welcome to attend this interim meeting.


Elizabeth Rodriguez
IETF IPS co-chair

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