Obsoleting the COPY, COPY AND VERIFY, and COMPARE commands

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at CompuServe.COM
Fri Sep 15 03:42:29 PDT 2000

* From the T10 Reflector (t10 at t10.org), posted by:
* Ralph Weber <ralphoweber at compuserve.com>
In response to several comments on the SPC-2 letter ballot,
the Commands, Architecture, and Protocols working group has
recommended that COPY, COPY AND VERIFY, and COMPARE commands
be made obsolete in SPC-2.

If there are any objections to this (e.g., if there are
any implementations of these commands that require them to
continue being documented in SPC-2) now would be a good
time to make those concerns known on the T10 Reflector.



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