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Howdy All,
Below is a text version of the agenda for the inaugural SSC-2 working
group meeting on 10/30/00 at 9:00am in Seaside, CA

Draft Agenda
SSC-2 Working Group
AdHoc Meeting
October 30, 2000 – Seaside, CA
9:00 AM – 12:00 AM

1. Introductions:    Group

2. Approval of this agenda:   Group

3. Approval of minutes:   Dave Peterson

4. Review of old action items:   Dave Peterson

5. Discussion items:
 a. Explicit state change proposal T10/00-318r1 Rob Basham

8. Unscheduled business:

9. Next meeting requirements:

10. Review new action items:    Dave Peterson

11. Adjournment:    Group

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