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STA Technical Agenda  --  

November 1, 2000 in Seaside, CA

The STA Technical meeting will start 9:00 AM.

1. Opening Remarks and Introductions
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Attendance and Membership
4. STA Patent Policy   HTTP:// /Patent Policy Sept16.pdf
5. Approval of Minutes -September 14, 2000  - Huntington Beach, CA ,
6.	Document Distribution 
	SCSI Harbor
STA Technical committee announcements and minutes
7.	Review of Old Action Items
		7.1) (Quantum) will provide Benjie with drives, thermal and
vibration contact information for his company. Benjie

		7.2) Fujitsu Presentation of Thermal and Rotational
Vibration at the September meeting.

8.0 SCSI Plug and Play (PnP) - Documents will be on the SCSITA.ORG web site.
		8.1 SCSI Personal Computer and Workstation Ease of Use -
[Paul Aloisi] 
		Document 00s018rx  Review  0.x 
		8.2 SCSI Server and Storage Array Ease of Use - [Paul
		Preliminary 00s019rx Document Review  revision 0.x 

9.0 SCSI Harbor Status [Benjie Sun] (Starts at 11:00 AM)

10.0 New Business
11.0 Review of Action Items
12.0  Meeting Schedule
January  17, 2001 Orlando, Florida
March 7, 2001 Dallas, TX

13. Adjournment

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