SPC-2 Letter Ballot Resolution

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at CompuServe.COM
Fri Oct 27 14:27:54 PDT 2000

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* Ralph Weber <ralphoweber at compuserve.com>
A new SPC-2 letter ballot document has been posted at:


This revision includes proposed resolutions for comments
against the INQUIRY command, in addition to all the proposed
resolutions found in 00-267r2.

The R3 PDF also contains links to spc2r18.pdf to assist
in the resolutions review process.  You may use the
spc2r18.pdf from the web site or you can obtain a copy


rename it to spc2r18.pdf and use it.  The spc2r18b.pdf
contains exactly all the same text and pagination as
spc2r18.pdf.  The difference is that spc2r18b.pdf contains
highlights and other annotations designed to assist the
resolutions review process.

See you in Monterey.


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