00-381r0: Three minor modifications to Access Controls in SPC-3

Jim Hafner/Almaden/IBM hafner at almaden.ibm.com
Mon Oct 23 12:30:32 PDT 2000

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John has kindly posted


on the website for discussion at the next T10 CAP meeting.

I won't subject the list to the details, but will quote from the

   This document proposes three changes to the Access Controls
   model/specification in SPC-3 (as defined in 99-245r9 and amended by
   00-261r0 and 00-287r1 and approved in May, July and October 2000,
   respectively).  None of the three affect the semantics of the protocol.
   The first two make room for some vendor-specific functions.  The third
   clarifies some wording in the context of the EXTENDED COPY command.
   This proposal can be approved in whole or each part separately.

Jim Hafner
IBM Research
Almaden Research Center K53-B2

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