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I suggest including two data segment descriptors (address/memory handle/data
length) in the CMND IU with separate "indirect" bits for each.  

This has two benefits:
1.  Bidirectional commands are not forced to use scatter/gather.  The first
data segment descriptor would be the write address (or point to a write SG
table) and the second would be the read address (or point to a read SG

2.  Unidirectional commands using scatter gather can include the first
address in the CMND IU along with a pointer to the SG list.  This lets the
target start transferring data immediately (possibly reading the SG list
|from the initiator at the same time it returns read data to the initiator,
if the transport is full-duplex).  The 1394 community felt this sort of
"fast start" optimization was important enough that an SBP-3 project was

I also suggest making the scatter gather table chainable.  The current
definition requires the table to be contiguous in the RDMA address space.
If an initiator is using scatter gather because it does not want to provide
virtual memory mapping, it may have trouble locking down a sufficiently
large contiguous space for the SG table.  

This can be done by merging the "indirect" bit functionality with the Buffer
Length fields.  In the CMND IU, provide a field corresponding to each of the
data segment descriptors:

The fields are interpreted as:

TotalNumberOfEntries    Data Segment Descriptor interpretation
    0                   unused
    1                   address of data (i.e. not "indirect")
    2 or more           address of a SG table (i.e. "indirect")

Start each SG table with a field indicating the number of entries in that
table.  If TotalNumberOfEntries (from the CMND IU) has not been reached, the
last entry contains an address of a SG table rather than a data address.

SG table:
    DataSegmentDescriptor (last one; points to another SG table if
cumulative NumberOfTableEntries is less than TotalNumberOfEntries)

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