Devices with multiple service delivery ports

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at CompuServe.COM
Fri Nov 17 09:54:05 PST 2000

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Major rewrite.  The tip of the iceberg can be found in:

BTW Nobody will have any sympathy for you if to take r2 as
gospel either.  Much work and several more revisions are
expected before the rewrite is done.

You might want to consider attending some CAP working group
meetings or at least reading the minutes.



"Ulrich, David" wrote:

> I have noticed that section 4.11 of SAM-2 rev. 15, pertaining to devices with multiple service delivery ports, is marked "TBD".  Can anyone tell me
> if a significant change is planned in this area compared to rev. 14 or just some minor tuning?  Any comments would be appreciated.
> David Ulrich
> LSI Logic Inc.
> Storage Systems Division

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