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All types of reservations are confined to a logical unit. So if you have 6
logical units you could have 6 reservations from 6 different initiators.

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I have a question regarding the degree of mutual exclusion of RESERVE
commands and PERSISTENT RESERVE IN/OUT commands.

In the SPC-2 working draft rev. 18, section 5.5.1, page 21, the third
paragraph states that "if a logical unit has been reserved by any RESERVE
command and is still reserved by any initiator, all PERSISTENT RESERVE IN
and all PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT commands shall conflict regardless of
initiator or service action and shall terminate with a RESERVATION CONFLICT

My question is, does that mean a PERSISTENT RESERVE IN/OUT command to any
logical unit or only the logical unit that is reserved using a RESERVE
command?  In other words, can the two different types of reservations
co-exist as long as they have been executed by different logical units?


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