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   I have a couple of questions reg. streaming (all references are to 
SPI4- rev1):
   1) Table 32 does NOT specify the flow control setup and hold times 
      for speeds other than Fast-160.  It does not even say TBD, it says 
      N/A.  Isn't streaming associated with just the idea of IU 
      transfers?  Or is it ONLY valid for paced, fast-160 transfers?!?
   2) Section 14.3.4 only talks about how to signal the end of a stream
      by asserting the P_CRCA signal.  It does NOT say WHEN the signal 
      has to be negated.  The definition of the flow control setup and
      hold timings in sections 9.2.11 through 9.2.14 further makes it
      confusing as it somehow implies that a SPI L_Q follows after
      a stream ends.  Why should these definitions specify the timing
      requirement of P_CRCA negation w.r.t REQ assertion for a SPI L_Q
      IU?  What if the target does a BUS FREE or MESSAGE IN after the
      end of the stream?  When does the P_CRCA have to be negated in 
      that case?
      Please clarify.


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