SBP-3 Project (1467-D) is approved

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Mon Nov 13 09:06:47 PST 2000

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Date:  November 13, 2000
Project #:  1467
Reply to: Deborah J. Donovan
Phone: (202) 626-5746
email: ddonovan at
cc: J. Lohmeyer, T10 Chairman


To:         NCITS Members and NCITS Community

From:     Deborah J. Donovan, Coordinator, NCITS

Subject:  Notification of New Approved Project Proposal, Information 
technology - Serial Bus Protocol 3 (SBP-3)


The project proposal for Information Technology - Information technology - 
Serial Bus Protocol 3 (SBP-3) has met the critieria for approval 
(NCITS/SD-2, Section 5.1, Milestone 1) and has been assigned project number 
1467. This project was reviewed from November 3, 2000 to November 10, 2000.


According to NCITS procedures, the project proposal submitted by the 
technical committee was subjected to a 7-day review.  Unless 2 or more 
appeals are received, the project proposal stands approved.

During the 7-day review period no appeals were received by the NCITS 

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