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Fri Nov 10 10:05:11 PST 2000

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Can you clarify why SES (in passthrough) does not fit your needs?

On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Malcolm Muggeridge wrote:

> Please excuse me if I am writing this to the wrong audience. Please
> re-direct me as necessary.
> We are working with 2 other industry partners on a project which
> requires inband communication through non-enclosure device (Drive).
> We require extension to the SES Enclosure Services data which does not
> fit the standard Diagnostic Page codes  00h-08h.
> The purpose of this is to manage intelligent Port devices, not
> effectively covered by the SES specification (Rev8b) today.
> We had planned  to use Vendor Specific Pages in the range 80h-FFh,
> however it is seems that the Drive vendors do not support these Pages
> today.
> My questions are
> a) Is there any ongoing SES committee work covering devices such as
> switches or Hubs ?
> b) Are there any proposals covering use of Pages 09-0Fh ?
> c) Does anyone have knowledge of  any of the drive vendors intend to
> change the supported pages ?

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