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Please excuse me if I am writing this to the wrong audience. Please
re-direct me as necessary.

We are working with 2 other industry partners on a project which
requires inband communication through non-enclosure device (Drive).
We require extension to the SES Enclosure Services data which does not
fit the standard Diagnostic Page codes  00h-08h.

The purpose of this is to manage intelligent Port devices, not
effectively covered by the SES specification (Rev8b) today.

We had planned  to use Vendor Specific Pages in the range 80h-FFh,
however it is seems that the Drive vendors do not support these Pages

My questions are
a) Is there any ongoing SES committee work covering devices such as
switches or Hubs ?
b) Are there any proposals covering use of Pages 09-0Fh ?
c) Does anyone have knowledge of  any of the drive vendors intend to
change the supported pages ?

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