Obsolete Printer Device Model in SSC-2

Brian A. Berg bberg at bswd.com
Mon Nov 6 13:59:45 PST 2000

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I for one have written software for SCSI printer devices in the past.
They are probably pretty much passe now.  However, what is the gain in
removing this device type from the SSC-2 document?
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> Howdy All,
> A previous notice of the intention to obsolete the SCSI Printer device
> model from SSC-2 received a total of one reply. This reply has been
> addressed so unless someone comes forward and provides a valid reason to
> retain the Printer device model in SSC-2, I will request an action at
> the January 2001 T10 plenary to obsolete the SCSI Printer device model
> in SSC-2.
> Dave
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