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The Ladder Diagrams for Error Recovery in FCP-2 are now available on the T10
Web site.  The intent is that these diagrams replace, where necessary, the
Ladder Diagrams in Annex D.  The Class 3 Diagrams show recovery for both in-
and out-of-order.  The difference being that certain time-outs are 0 for in
-order as there is no need to wait for out-of-order frames to die out.  But
the Error Recovery is the same per Annex D.  Class 2 out-of-order was
changed to overcome the problem of not being able to start the Sequence
Count at 0 for Sequence retransmission.  The simple solution was to retire
the Recovery Qualifier before entering Error Recovery as is done in Class 2
in-order. Thus there is a single set of diagrams that cover both in- and

So the only difference  between in-order and out-of-order is the value of
REC_TOV.  It is currently defined as 2 seconds for in-order and R_A_TOV/2 or
5 seconds for out-of-order.

There were concerns expressed at the May meeting that out-of-order was
exposed and risky and that it should be put in FCP-3 or in a separate Annex.
I would urge those who harbor those feelings to scrutinize these diagrams to
be able to express more succinctly their objections
to having them in a single Annex.  

See below for a pointer to the document, courtesy of John Lohmeyer.

Regards, Carl

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At 09:37 AM 5/31/2000, Zeitler, Carl wrote:
>John, could you please upload this to the T10 web site.  Thank you
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>Regards, Carl
>Carl Zeitler
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