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     Subject:  Nikkei Fall Conference

The Nikkei Fall program includes the following speakers. 

If I have missed anyone, or you wish to participate, please let me know. 

All the best,


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 Dave Anderson          Seagate Technology 
                        Object Based Storage: An Update 

 Gil Baterina           JNI 
                        Managing SANs at the Disk Level 

 Rob Davis              Ancor Communications 
                        InfiniBand and Fibre Channel are your Future 

 Timothy Feldman        STMicroelectronics 
                        Attaching storage devices in AV systems and home networks 

 Mike Fitzpatrick       FCIA 
                        SANmark Interoperability 

 Ken Hallam             Unisys 
                        Unique Problems of SANs in a Clustered Environment 

 Tom Heil               LSI Logic 
                        I/O Trends: The Shift from Buses to Switched Fabrics 

 Jim Hughes             StorageTek 
                        The Internet SCSI Initiative 

 Skip Jones             QLogic 
                        What you can count on with a SAN 

 Carla Kennedy          Ancor Communications 
                        Mixed Fabric Environments 

 Tim Logan              Datacore Software 
                        SAN Management and Control Software: End User Applications 

 Kumar Malavalli        Brocade Communications 
                        FSPF Routing and Fabric Services 

 Erik Ottem             Gadzoox Networks 
                        How Storage Area Networks are Changing Clusters 

 Tony Overbay           Charismac Engineering 
                        SANs in the Digital Audio and Video Market 

 Carl Pick              Genroco 
                        Fibre Channel Encapsulation in TCP et al 

 Lou Ricci              IBM 
                        How and why FICON differs from ESCON 

 Nigel Squibb           Storage Area Networks 
                        Storage at a distance - the Virtual SAN 

 Bill Terry             IBM 

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