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The following document is now up on the T10 web site:

  Final draft revision of comment responses to FCP-2
  letter ballot comments.  All technical comments are
  reviewed and agreed upon by the working group.  All
  editorial comments are answered.  Those editorial
  comments that may have a different answer than the
  proposed answer are marked in red.  Please review them
  for our meeting next week.

  This document will be the base for the work going into
  FCP-2 revision 5.


The following document is now up on both the T10 and T11
websites.  Below is the T10 reference number.  The T11
reference number is T11/00-284v2.  

  This is an input to the FC-FS working group of those 
  items that must be added or corrected in FC-FS which were
  identified or required by ballot responses to the FCP-2
  document.  This document will continue to accumulate 
  additional items as the resolution of further comments
  identifies other problems.


What a way to combat insomnia!

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