QAS and non-packetized mode

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<<the patented QAS algorithm in SPI-4>>

     Rob: Was this a response to the call for patents?

<<I think the main technical reason for limiting QAS to packetized
mode was to simplify message snooping.>>

     I think many of the decisions T10 has taken subsequent to SPI-2 have
been arbitrary decisions that, if they belong, belong in a profile not in a
standard (e.g. Fast 160 for packetized only). I agree with Rob on his

     I will confess that I am having a debate with myself on the generic
topic of proper and improper limitations. Luckily I will win the debate. I
have long held that the role of a standard is to limit alternatives. But
sufficient options are needed to allow SCSI to cover a very broad market.
So avoid two ways to do the same thing but allow all desired things to be


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