Action items for Joint T10/T11.3

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Action Items for the next Joint T10/T11.3 meeting (June 7 in Boise)

#1 Bob Snively - FS end exchange cases needs to include class 3 of lost
FCP_CONF. Check for other new end exchange cases. Ongoing
#2 Bill Martin requested to review out-of-order proposal for corner case
problems. Ongoing

#3 Dave Peterson: update the SSC-2 proposal T10/00-173 as modified.
#4 Eric Oetting: Present the SSC-2 proposal to T10.
#5 Bob Snively Reconcile the statement that SEQ_CNT restarts are 0 in clause
8.1 with the RRQ requirements.
#6 Carl Zeitler and Charles Binford check out the validity of establishing a
recovery qualifier without an RRQ. A specific case is noted in T11/00-145v2,
D.14b Class 3, SRR Response Lost - does it need a recovery qualifier?

Stewart Wyatt, HP, Secretary
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