Draft minutes of T10 plenary meeting #37 - May 18, 2000

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Regarding Gene Milligan's comments on the minutes:

> <<Jim Hafner moved that 99-245r9 be approved for inclusion in SPC-3,
> FCP-2, SPI-4, SBC-2, MMC-3, and a future version of RBC.  Rob Elliott
> seconded
> the motion.  The motion passed on a vote of 20:0:0:18=38.>>

>      The motion seems defective on two counts. There is no 99-245r9
> available and there is no mention of SBC in 99-245r8. Assuming r9 is
> changes to be done to r8, even though the minutes do not identify what it
> is other than a blank check, r8 does not provide any guidance as to what
> should go into SBC-2.

The motion was that passed should have read "that 99-245r9 (99-245r8 with
modifications as
approved by CAP WG) be ..."

One can ask whether the details of the "modifications" should be specified
in either the Plenary
minutes or the CAP minutes, but that's a different question.

As for SBC-2, there is a provision on page 62 in Appendix E for changes to
SBC-2, MMC-3 and future RBC.

I hope that clarifies the issue.
Jim Hafner

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