Draft minutes of T10 plenary meeting #37 - May 18, 2000

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At 04:15 PM 5/24/00, John Lohmeyer wrote:

>12.4  IEEE 1394 [Johansson]
>Gary Robinson reported that 1394 and 1394a are on fast track at ISO/IEC JTC 1.
>1394b is in IEEE ballot resolution.

Although this is almost correct---and certainly correct in spirit---I think 
the T10 minutes should be more accurate.

The Chair of the IEEE Microprocessor Standards Committee, Don Wright, has a 
letter in preparation to request the IEEE initiate the "fast track" process 
(the MSC is the sponsor for the IEEE 1394 standards).

On a related topic, IEEE P1394.3, Peer to Peer Data Transport (PPDT), is in 
the process of ballot group formation. PPDT extends the usefulness of SBP-2 
by specifying how it may be used in a more peer-to-peer fashion. That is, 
less importance is attached as to which device is the initiator and which 
the target. More information, including the draft standard, is available at 

I know this wasn't presented at the meeting, so maybe it can't go in the 
minutes, but if the Chair and Secretary can accept a tardy electronic 
liaison report, I encourage them to do so.


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