Resolution of comment on temporary initiators

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The issue is not that the bits cannot both be set.  The issue is that when
both bits are set an initiator that does a PRLI, SHALL NOT reject the
response.  This is not covered in, or in any other place that I
find.  The reaction to both bits being set is not documented anywhere.

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	I have put the following text into the latest revision of the
	response document for FCP-2 (note yet posted).  Any complaints?

	FC-MI multi-initiator resolution (Technical)

	   Section TBD:
		Some devices attempting to participate in a multi-initiator
		if both the initiator and target bits are set.  This is
wrong. Some 
		devices may also reject the presence of any other initiator.

		This needs to be checked in FCP-2. The particular issue is
		or not FCP-2 has been explicit in the requirements for
		multi-initiator operation and temporary initiator operation.

		FCP-2 will discuss it further, and, if any changes are
		to FCP-2 or to FC-MI, a proposal will be presented.

		Section explicitly requires the setting of both 
		bits 4 and 5 to be allowed. This was also true in FCP, 
		clause The devices not meeting this requirement 
		are not compliant with FCP or with FCP-2. 

		The present revision of FC-MI does not address this
		There does not appear to be any test in SANMark that
		verifies this capability or justifies this failure.

		No change is required.

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