Draft Minutes of Parallel SCSI WG - May 16, 2000

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<< As an example, he noted that `training' has been changed to `pacing' in
many places. >>

     Perhaps he said that but even in the somewhat arbitrary way he decided
to reword the items those two are not the same thing. But he did change
several different things to what is now under the so called pacing
umbrella. Certainly the statement does not in any way explain why the words
were changed. I think the best explanation is that he chose a loaded word
pacing as the word to mean thingy.

<<Rob Elliott questioned the use of precompensation during training.  He
expressed the belief that disabling precompensation during the training
be helpful to receiver AAF (adjustable active filter).  However, this
was questioned. >>

     Well turning off precompensation for the purpose of training AAF was
not questioned. The question I raised was why there should be two ways to
turn of precompensation.

<<George Penokie opened the SPI-4 revision 0 document and the group worked
through where TBD had to be entered in place of values to avoid publishing
values that are open to potential change. >>

     <<had to>> is an opinion. In any case all values in the standard are
subject to change as is indicated on the warning in the front of the


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