Bus Free after PPR exchange which enables IU transfers

Kendall, Guy gkendall at lsil.com
Mon May 15 10:38:51 PDT 2000

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I wanted to ask for clarification for the following case.

Information Unit transfers are DISABLED
Initiator initiates a PPR exchange in which it wants to ENABLE Information
Unit Transfers.
Target sends back a PPR message in which it agrees to enable IU Transfers.
At this point IU Transfers are enabled

I want to confirm that the target will go to Bus Free after this sequence.
Section 13.5 of SPI-3 rev. 13a clearly says that it will when "Information
Unit transfers are enabled". However, in my example above IU transfers are
DISABLED at the beginning of the sequence, and ENABLED at the end of the
sequence. Since they are ENABLED at the end of the sequence, I would assume
that the target would go to bus free, but I wanted to confirm.


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