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                     NIKKEI FALL CONFERENCE

                       Call for Speakers

Many of you are aware of the conference which ENDL co-sponsors with 
Nikkei Electronics (Nikkei is #1 in Japanese publications) in September. 
The Nikkei Conference will be held again this year at Nikkei Hall in 

     September 19-20, 2000

Being Tuesday-Wednesday, you can have Saturday at home before departing 
on Sunday for a Monday arrival. There is an outside possibility that we 
will arrange a Seminar on Monday the 18th if Nikkei feels that some 
attendees might want general education on the subject matter of the 
program. Only the speakers at that seminar would have to leave on 

If you are interested in speaking or visiting, please make a notation in 
your calendar so that you can organize customer visits and/or apply for 
approval to be in Japan on those dates. 

The theme of last year's conference was the management of SANs (Storage 
Area Networks), but that did not exclude storage in general or SCSI 
or..... The management of SANs is still of interest, but other subjects 
that come readily to mind include heterogeneous fabrics and OSFI (Open 
Systems Fabric Interconnect), clustering (one of the top three issues 
with IT sites), new applications under Intel's VIA (Virtual Interface 
Architecture) using the FC-VI standard, and a multitude of others. 

The theme is driven by the subjects the speakers want to address rather 
than an ENDL or Nikkei objective. The goal of the Nikkei Fall Conference 
is to bring the latest in emerging interface and storage technology to 
Japan, and to pick one subject now is premature. A theme will become 
clear by June or July. 

There is a problem in avoiding duplication of content, so choice of 
subject matter will be based on the order in which speakers commit. The 
early birds get to choose their favorite subject. 

The audience is primarily a mix of managers in technical and planning 
areas from the major OEMs, distributors and IT organizations (the latter 
are an increasing percentage of the audience). Despite the economic woes 
in Japan last year, the Fall Conference attracted 200 attendees, and all 
of them were key personnel in their organizations. 

Speakers can anticipate a large attentive audience (simultaneous 
translation eliminates the language barrier). Nikkei Hall occupies the 
7th and 8th floors of the Nikkei building which is convenient to Tokyo 
Station and atop Otemachi station (serviced by the Marunouchui, 
Hanzoumon, Touzai and Chiyoda lines). 

The auditorium is tiered, and it is an imposing site to look up at a 
room full of faces. There are complete electronic facilities, and 
presentations are VGA output from PowerPoint. 

Excluding vendors and/or those associated with the exhibitors, there was 
over 200 in the audience. Over 50% were senior engineers and middle to 
upper managers from OEMs with about 30% from distributors and the 
remainder were either analysts or from the IT staff of large user 
companies. The latter are an increasing percentage of the audience and 
include those who introduce pilot programs into their corporations. They 
work closely with distributors. 

Nikkei Group is pretty much all of the trade press in Japan (there are 
several papers and magazines in a publishing empire that has no equal in 
the U.S. Even magazines that we know as competitors in the U.S. are 
published by Nikkei. Nikkei Electronics and Nikkei Byte are the premier 
electronics magazines. Editors from many publications attended the 
conference and interviewed several of the exhibitors and speakers. 

An Exhibitors Reception will be held on the first evening. Last year was 
an outstanding success, and there are a limited number of exhibit spaces 
available (preference will go to the early birds). 

Final pricing has not been established yet, but should be in the same 
ballpark as last year at $6,000 to exhibit at the reception and $2,600 
for a full page ad in the conference brochure.

The translation is professionally done from Japanese-English as well as 
English-Japanese so we are able to share the podium with local speakers 
and know what they had to say. The simultaneous translation over 
wireless headsets not only makes it easy for the audience, the panels 
are more interactive than you would otherwise expect. 

If you are interested in knowing more, let me know at endlcom at so 
I can provide you with some history and background material. 

         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


       Company: ________________________________
          Name: ________________________________
         Email: ________________________________

Exhibitor at the Reception on Monday evening ___

Advertisement in the conference brochure     ___ 

A presentation entitled: _______________________________________



         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

If my glowing hyperbole makes you suspicious and you would like to get a 
second opinion, you can call anyone on the list of speakers below (if 
you need a contact number, let me know) or check with the exhibitors on 
what they thought about the quality and quantity of their leads. 

Speakers last year were: 

Bob Selinger       Adaptec                Yuichi Arai     Netmarks 
Rob Davis          Ancor                  Johan Olstenius OneofUs 
Mark Lewis         Compaq                 Skip Jones      QLogic 
Tim Logan          Datacore Software      Harry Mason     STA 
Philip Black       Dot Hill Systems       Dave Anderson   Seagate 

Mike Fitzpatrick   FCIA                   Jim Hughes      StorageTek 
Mike Fitzpatrick   Fujitsu America        Ken Hallam      Unisys 
Rich Lautzenheiser Hewlett Packard        Bob Brencic     Vixel 
George Penokie     IBM                    Jeff Williams   Western 
Antony Chapman     Interphase             Hank Pselos     Xyratex 
Exhibitors last year were: 

ADIC                  Hewlett Packard       QLogic 
Compaq                Interphase            STA 
DTC Japan/Dot Hill    LSI Logic             StorageTek 
Digital Technology    Methode Electronics   Vixel 
ENDL                  Netmarks              Wavecrest/Intest 
FCIA                  OneofUs Company       Xyratex 
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