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Thu May 4 12:08:17 PDT 2000

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I would like further clarification of the following statement:

>> All tasks for an initiator that are aborted shall be terminated with a
>> TASK ABORTED status before processing any tasks that arrived at the
>> device server after the task abort event.

Exactly what does it mean to "process" a task?  What if a target hasn't
finished sending TASK ABORTED status for several recently-aborted tasks,
and then receives a new task, but has no remaining resources available in
which to queue that task? By necessity, then, the target would need to
respond with some sort of status (probably TASK SET FULL or BUSY)
immediately.  Would sending TASK SET FULL or BUSY be considered
"processing" that task?

Mark A. Heath
Seagate Technology, Inc.

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