Action item reminder for the Joint T10/T11.3 Activity meeting

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Here are the action items for the next T10/T11.3 meeting


Stewart Wyatt


Old Action Items:
#1 Bob Snively - FS end exchange cases needs to include class 3 of lost
FCP_CONF. Check for other new end exchange cases.
#2 Neil Wanamaker - Revise proposal defining behavior when both target and
initiator bits are set in PRLI.
#3 Charles Binford - Proposal for target to inform initiator of cleared
#4 Bill Martin requested to review out-of-order proposal for corner case
#5 Carl Zeitler: Proposal extending RR_TOV proposal for action next month

New Action Items
#6. Review Dave's SSC-2 proposal, T10/00-173r0, for the SSC-2, prior to next
month's T10 meeting.
#7. Paul Suhler: Update T10/00-161r1, noting that the command applies to the
"mounted" media and persists with that media through power cycles, resets
and remounts.
#8. Group: Compare Carl's error recovery diagram to see the impact of
removing REC from the Class 2 error recovery by reviewing T10/00-137r1 and
#9. Carl Zeitler: On a lost command check to see if the LS bit needs to be
set to abort the exchange.
#10. Bob Snively: Text clarifying the differences between the cases of
exchange and sequence recovery and queuing and non-queuing environments.
#11. Carl Zeitler: Return the SRR to all of the error recovery cases and
change the text to state that the exchange remains open in class 3.
#12. Dave Peterson to talk to Jim Nelson to see that all of the error
recovery changes are implemented in FC-FS.
#13. Carl Zeitler Review diagram D.5?? and propose a solution to identify
the correct exchange to abort. Submit the problem to the reflector for wider
#14. Charles Binford: Whether the added REC-TOV for out-of-order recovery
should be required for in-order recovery.
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