Flow Control and Read Streaming Proposal

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>> In proposal 00-142 you use a mode page bit to indicate if a target is to
>> use read streaming or not. This will not work because, in most cases,
>> is only one mode page for all initiators. Because of this if you have
>> initiator that supports read streaming and one that does not and the
>> initiator that supports read streaming turnings it on then the target
>> use read streaming with all the initiators. So what do you think will
>> happen when the target starts streaming read data to an initiator that
>> not support read streaming? I think it will detect a protocol error and
>> the bus with a reset.

>> One way around this would be to not do read streaming but still use the
>> to indicate flow control for reads. When the flow control bit is set the
>> target would assert the P0 line when it knew it would not be sending any
>> more packets for that nexus but it would still send the L_Q between each
>> packet. Initiators that knew this was going to happen could ignore the
>> (we would have to make a rule that the target could not change the L_Q
>> information in this mode) and initiators that know nothing about the
>> would continue to operate even though they know nothing about the mode

I suggest that read streaming be enabled/disabled via a new option bit in
the PPR message instead of via a mode page bit.  This would allow the read
streaming feature to be conveniently enabled/disabled on a per-initiator
basis.  [My apologies if this idea has already been discussed and


Mark A. Heath
Seagate Technology, Inc.

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