draft minutes of Parallel SCSI WG - March 27-28, 2000

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Fri Mar 31 11:27:51 PST 2000

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Thanks for the kind comments.  I've dealt with your two corrections as
follows in 00-184r1:

><<Mr. Bruce Maniloi      V  Seagate Technology        bruce_maniloi at notes.
>     This should be "Bruce Manildi" in name and address.


><<ISI Compensation Selection [Penokie]>>
>     Maybe this is because the agenda used in the meeting ended up rather
>messy but for those that attended the meeting this item in the minutes is
>certainly out of context and I would like to point out for those that did
>not attend that many of the other agenda items were completed before this
>came up.

I added the following note at the start of this agenda item:

Note: This agenda item was added and covered on the second day after most
of the related agenda items had been covered.


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