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The lastest draft of the Access Controls proposal for SCSI CAP (SPC-x) is
on the web at:

There are major changes, with many issues closed based
on the last teleconf.  A description of the changes is
in the "revisions" section.

A question about one small design point has come up, which
I want to raise here, for discussion.

When an initiator enrolls (an AccessID), it is possible for
the target to encounter a problem merging the LUN Map associated
with that initiator's TransportID and the LUN Map associated to
the enrolling AccessID.

The current design says:
    the target should implement all non-conflicting parts of the
    AccessID LUN Map and report a RECOVERED ERROR status with
    information sense data.

The simpler design says:
    the target should reject the enrollment with CHECK CONDITION
    status and informative sense data and not modify the LUN Map.

Of course, not changing the TransportID portion in both cases.

Any comments?

Note: the simpler design has been specifically requested by one

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