draft minutes of Parallel SCSI WG - March 27-28, 2000

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Wed Mar 29 20:48:06 PST 2000

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<<Mr. Bruce Maniloi      V  Seagate Technology        bruce_maniloi at notes.

     This should be "Bruce Manildi" in name and address.

<<ISI Compensation Selection [Penokie]>>

     Maybe this is because the agenda used in the meeting ended up rather
messy but for those that attended the meeting this item in the minutes is
certainly out of context and I would like to point out for those that did
not attend that many of the other agenda items were completed before this
came up.

     My congratulations to the secretary. Considering some of the heated
discussions during the meeting and the way we abused the Chairs agenda, I
am surprised I have only these two trivial comments on the minutes.


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