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Revisions to the ladder Diagrams for out-of-order delivery have been posted
on the T10 Web site.
The second page of the presentation briefly describes the changes made.  I
have requested one hour to review the changes.  This presentation should be
done where it best fits in with the comments review of FCP_2, under the
discretion of Bob Snively. 

Regards, Carl

Carl Zeitler
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I've posted your revision at:



At 3/28/2000 08:27 AM , you wrote:
>John, would you please put the following revision on the T10 Web Site.
> <<FCP-2_LBComments2-T10-00-137r2.ppt>> 
>Regards, Carl
>Carl Zeitler
>Compaq Computer Corporation
>MS 150801, 20555 SH249, Houston, TX 77070
>Phone:281-518-5258 Fax: 281-514-5270
>E-Mail: Carl.Zeitler at compaq.com
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