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W. McFerrin

1.0 Opening Remarks 
    Bill McFerrin called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM, 7 March 2000.

2.0 Introductions 
    List of those present:
    Zou, Panasonic
    Tanikawa, Pioneer
    Khoda, Pioneer
    Katata, Pioneer
    Ito, Fujitsu
    Bradshaw, IOMEGA
    Roberts, Sierra-Pac
    McFerrin, Philips

3.0 Document Distribution 
    Ron Roberts Shared MMC3 draft rev01 as well as the originating Fuji 

4.0 Call for Patents 
    We called.  No patents answered.

5.0 Approval of Agenda 
    The agenda was reviewed and approved.

6.0 Old Business
    6.1 MMC2 Issue Discussion
        Ron Roberts moved: That the name DVD+RW not be changed in the MMC2 as 
        to NCITS and that the plenary reject the two NO votes by NCITS.  
Motion seconded
        by Katata-san, Pioneer.

        Zou-san, Panasonic, spoke against the motion.
        Bill McFerrin spoke in favour of the motion.

        Motion passed: 5/1/0.

        The MMC WG requires that Bill McFerrin take a written proposal to the 
        plenary: The MMC WG recommends that NCITS reject the two no votes and 
        MMC2 for ANSI standardisation.

    6.2 MMC3 Document Review
        This is intended to contain extensions as found in Mt Fuji 4.  A 
full, page
        by page review is planned.  Khoda-san, Pioneer, has shared the Mt 
        rev 1.00.  This is the official Fuji4 document as approved at Feb 
2000 meeting.

        Tanikawa, Pioneer, noted that much work is required with content 
protection and
        perhaps Fuji5 will be delayed.

        Bill McFerrin noted that there is a very new OB revision which 
provides for
        high-speed CD-RW recording.  OSJ is working on command proposals.

7.0 New Business 
    7.1 RMC & WinHEC Discussion
    Intel has formally announced SerialATA and SoftATA.

    7.2 RMC draft review 

8.0 Review of Action Items 
    Bill McFerrin to define R-W PACK and describe uses in CD Model section.

    Bill McFerrin to announce on MMC Reflector, list of MMC2 obsoleted 
commands which 
    will be removed from MMC3.

    Bill McFerrin to provide Mt Fuji4 Rev 1.0 (99-121r1.pdf) to T10 Chair for 
posting to
    T10 website.

    Ron Roberts to update MMC3 draft rev 01 according to:
    1. Fuji4 final version.
    2. Detailed comments (Kohda-san) parts 1 - 7.

    Additional comments (Kohda-san) will come prior to next meeting.

    Missing sections: Add AS-MO to references (see Fuji4).  Add model section 
for AS-MO
    (see Fuji4).
9.0 Future Meeting Schedule 

    We wish to go for a vote for letter ballot on MMC3 at September meeting.  
This should
    allow release for public review at November plenary.  We are waiting for 
DVD-RW rev 
    1.1, DVD-R 2.0, DVD-RAM 2.1 media specification approval.  Those should 
be completed 
    by  September.  We are also waiting for final decisions on copy 
protection. The 
    completion date for that is unknown.  We shall be optimistic.

    Meeting schedule change - discussion so far:
    Special WG editorial review in April.
    Special WG editorial review in August.
    Special WG editoral (Final) review in October.

    The exact schedule will be dependent upon availability of information 
|from media and
    copy protection information.

10.0    Adjournment 
    The meeting was adjourned at 4PM.  Session ended after first day.

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