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Thanks for the comments.  My responses are interleaved below.


At 3/15/2000 11:01 AM , Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com wrote:
><<Unfortunately, the action of deferring consideration of the motion meant
>that their memberships were terminated at the January meeting.>>
>     While the Secretary takes excellent minutes and should be regularly
>thanked for this contribution, the Secretary should also be asked not to
>interject personal opinion, as opposed to meeting results, into the

Unfortunately, we cannot blame the Secretary for this one.  It was my
"Unfortunately".  "Unfortunately" deleted.

><<Gene Milligan reported that the T13 Style Guide, ISO/IEC Style Guide, and
>Word template files had been forwarded to the T10 chair.>>
>     Actually this would be more accurate as "Gene Milligan reported that
>the T13 Style Guide, Part three of the ISO/IEC Directives (style guide)
>ISO/IEC Word template files, and IEC Word template files had been forwarded
>to the T10 chair."

Changed to your wording.

><<Gene Milligan presented the ISO/IEC report; the electronic version is in
>     This is the same document number reported as the SBC-2 schedule.

Oops, I assumed that Ralph had asked for the number for your ISO report.
I've assigned 00-187 to your SBC-2 schedule and patched up the minutes to
reflect the re-assignment.  I do not have this file; Can you please send it
to me?  Thanks!

>     The short reference also fails to capture the accolades for George
>Penokie in setting a world's record for promptness in resolving ISO/IEC
>letter ballot comments and that several other editors, including yours
>truly, have fallen two months further in arrears. Slowness is not the
>process, it is us. Have a nice day.

As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us".  I added: "Gene
commended George Penokie for setting a world's record for promptness in
resolving ISO/IEC letter ballot comments."

><<Gene Milligan asked if any T10 members wish to participate in the WG 4
>     Just to be clear on the process. ISO/IEC meetings are not open to all
>that wish to attend. They are open to delegates and/or technical experts
>designated by the national member body (in this case ANSI). I think I said
>"Gene Milligan asked if any T10 members wished to be considered for the WG
>4 Delegation."

Changed to your words.

><< He noted that the ATA/ATAPI video work and the revised definition of
>tables may have accounted for a larger than usual attendance. >>
>     Well actually it was " He noted that the ATA/ATAPI video work and the
>proposed definition of partition tables may have accounted for a larger
>than usual attendance."
>     I point out the distinction since there is no formal definition
>authority for partition tables. The proposal is to generate a technical
>report of the definition, currently known versions, and a mechanism for
>updates. Perhaps I should have said that also.

Changed to your words.

><<Rev 4.0 of INF-8090 for ATAPI DVD has been completed and is ready for
>distribution in the next mailing.>>
>     Not a comment on the minutes since the report did not occur at the
>meeting. But had it occurred I think I would have asked if INF-8090
>includes the equivalent of "DVD+RW" or "+RW"?

Good question.

><<370)   Ralph Weber will create an SPC-2 version descriptors for SPI-3
>revisions 13a and 13b.>>
>     Sorry. I guess I did not hear the wording of this action item
>carefully enough in the meeting. Why? There are no substantive changes
>between 13a and 13b. There is no need for two different versions except for
>the editor to keep track of which is the latest file. The published version
>would use the BSR number and year.

I agree.  I think Ralph should hold off on completing this action item
until the May T10 meeting where we can affirm that the 13b changes were
indeed all editorial.

><<372)   Bob Snively will generate a correction proposal for FC-FS table 79

>currently contains incorrect definitions for the reason codes for LS_RJT.>>
>     I think this should be "372)   Bob Snively will generate a correction
>proposal to T11 for FC-FS table 79 that currently contains incorrect
>definitions for the reason codes for LS_RJT."

Changed to your words.

><<375)   John Lohmeyer will initiate an investigation concerning why T10
>requested to prepare SPI-3 in a format that appears to conflict with the
>ISO/IEC JTC1 Style Guide (e.g., removal of the document title at the foot
>each page) and report to the next meeting.>>
>     See earlier comment for the style guide nomenclature.

Corrected per your earlier comment.

One other correction I made was to insert the correct attendance list.

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