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I don't see any problem with these changes (the numbering
is arbitrary) so I will incorporate these changes into rev. 7.

Suggested rev 7 Codes:
ASC  ASCQ Meaning
0x20 0x01 Initiator De-Enrolled
0x20 0x02 No Access Rights
0x20 0x03 Invalid Manage ACL Key
0x20 0x04 Enrollment Conflict

A more interesting question is the following (see rev 6, 4.1.1):
    If an initiator sends the ACCESS ID ENROLL service action
and the target can't implement the complete merger of the initiator's
TransportID-specified LUN Map and its AccessID-specified
LUN Map, should there be some sense data in the response
which indicates this? (Right now, the only thing required is logging
the event for PAM to look at later -- the enrolling initiator gets GOOD
    I think it's important the the command still succeed with status GOOD,
so the enrollment actually takes place and the non-conflicting
part of the map get instantiated.
    The real question is whether stuffing some error (or warning?) sense
data in response along with GOOD status is a useful thing to do.

Jim Hafner

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