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As mentioned at the end of today's conference call, Compaq Houston suggests
moving the Access Control ASCQs around a bit to match early prototypes.

Rev 4 Codes (Section 4.8 Page 13):
0x20	0x01	Initiator Not Enrolled
0x20	0x02	Initiator Not Authorized
0x20	0x03	Invalid Manage ACL key

Rev 5 and Rev 6 Codes (Section 4.9 Page 23):
ASC	ASCQ	Meaning
0x20	0x01	Enrollment Conflict
0x20	0x02	Initiator De-Enrolled
0x20	0x03	No Access Rights
0x20	0x04	Invalid Manage ACL Key
  .	  .
  .	  .
  .	  .

We propose moving the new Enrollment Conflict code to 0x20/0x04 and moving
the other 3 ASCQs up by 1, which corresponds closer to their meanings in rev

Suggested rev 7 Codes:
ASC	ASCQ	Meaning
0x20	0x01	Initiator De-Enrolled
0x20	0x02	No Access Rights
0x20	0x03	Invalid Manage ACL Key
0x20	0x04	Enrollment Conflict
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