Queue tag size in Packetized SCSI?

Kendall, Guy gkendall at lsil.com
Tue Mar 7 12:59:16 PST 2000

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In SPI-3, revision 13.a in section 14.3.2, the TAG field is shown at 16 bits
in the SPI L_Q. The text describing this field says "The tag is an 16 bit
unsigned integer..." Then it refers you to section 16.4.1 for more details
on tags. In section 16.4.1, it says "The TAG field is an 8-bit unsigned
integer..." and goes on to say "For each logical unit on each target, each
application client has up to 256 tags to assign to tasks".

So are tags 8 or 16-bit for packetized SCSI (Information Units enabled) ?

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