99-235r0 - SAM-2 Models for Multiple Port Devices

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at CompuServe.COM
Tue Mar 7 00:42:11 PST 2000

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* Ralph Weber <ralphoweber at compuserve.com>
I finally am starting to dig out of the commitments that
I made last year.

A document for discussion at the March meetings has
been placed on the T10 FTP site as:

< ftp://ftp.t10.org/t10/document.00/99-235r0.pdf >

The document is identified as follows:

Doc:  T10/99-235r0
Date: 6 March 2000
To:   T10 Technical Committee
From: Ralph Weber
Subj: SAM-2 Models for Multiple Port Devices

The focus of the document is a collection of figures to be discussed
and enhanced.  It is not possible to reproduce these figures in plain
text.  Please download the PDF file if this issue is of interest to

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