FCP-2 and RRQ

Matt Wakeley matt_wakeley at agilent.com
Fri Mar 3 17:54:51 PST 2000

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In FCP-2 version 4, section 12.5.2, as part of ABTS processing it

"Upon transmission of any of the above responses, the SCSI Target may
reclaim any resources associated with the designated Exchange after
R_A_TOV SEQ_QUAL has elapsed or a Reinstate Recover Qualifier (RRQ)
extended link service request has been received."

No where in FC-PH* does it say that resources can be reclaimed by the
ABTS recipient without an RRQ.  Is this new behavior intended (if so,
it should be defined in FC-FS).

And if this new ABTS behavior is intended, why is there any need to
send RRQ at all?  The ABTS initiator will wait R_A_TOV SEQ_QUAL before
it sends the RRQ, and the ABTS recipient will automatically reclaim
the resources after R_A_TOV, so it would seem that RRQ is not


-Matt Wakeley

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