3/7 SPI-4 meeting

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At the SPI-4 meeting next week I will be setting priorities on the topics
being discussed. I believe we need to do this so we can start moving
forward by getting so of the fundamental issues out of the way. The
priorities from highest to lowest will be:

1- Get an agreement on how the free running clock is going to work (e.g.,
what lines will have the clock, what speed will it run at, how is the data

2-Need a definition of the training pattern and when and how it will occur.

3-Need to define a set of timings for the bus. This would include new ways
like using eye patterns.

4-Define the test configurations and/or circuits that will be needed to
verify fast-160.

5-Anything else

If we don't do this we are going to get bogged arguing about things we
probably cannot put in the standard anyway.

Bye for now,
George Penokie

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