Support for Large Block Addresses in SSC-2

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This is an agenda item for the March Joint T10/T11.3 Working Group.  The latest
version of the proposal is now available at:

The changes from the version presented at the February meeting are:

1.   Changed assumption 4 to transfer lengths less than 2^24.  Dropped changes
to all commands other than LOCATE, READ POSITION, and SPACE.
2.   Modified table formats to match those in SSC source.
3.   Use operation codes 91h and 92h for SPACE (16) and LOCATE (16),
respectively, as suggested by Ralph Weber.
4.   Snarfed and modified entire READ POSITION command clause to show changes in
5.   Changed separate bit fields in READ POSITION CDB byte 1 to a five-bit
service action field, and changed bytes 7 and 8 to an allocation length field,
as suggested by Paul Entzel.
6.   Changed bytes 2 and 3 in the proposed extended data form to an additional
length field.


Paul Suhler

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