Joint T10/T11.3 Draft Agenda

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I have just uploaded to the T11 site the Draft Agenda for the next
Joint T10/T11.3 WG meeting. The document number is T11/00-138v0.

Attached for your convience is a .txt of this Draft Agenda.

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Draft Agenda
Joint T10/T11.3 Activity Working Group
AdHoc Meeting
Dallas, TX
3/6/00  9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

1. Introductions:					Dale LaFollette

2. Approve this Agenda:			T11/00-138v0	Dale LaFollette

3. Approve 01/13/00 Minutes:		T11/00-118v0	Stewart Wyatt

4. Review Old Action Items:				Stewart Wyatt

+++ Joint T10/T11.3 +++
5. FCP-2:			T10 Working Drafts FCP2R04	Bob Snively
    Letter Ballot Results/Cmnts		T10/00-005r0	Bob Snively
    Letter Ballot Comments		T10/00-150r0	Bob Snively

6. New Business:

+++ T11.3 +++
7. New Business:

+++ T10 +++
8. New Business:
A. SSC Large Block Addresses		T10/00-135r1	Paul Suhler
B. SSC Public Review Comment		T10/00-159r0	Paul Suhler

+++ ADMIN +++
9. Next Meeting Requirements				Dale LaFollette

10. Review New Action Items:				Stewart Wyatt

11. Adjournment:					Dale LaFollette

NOTE: FCP-2 Letter Ballot Comment Resolution will continue in the
SCSI Protocol meeting from 1 - 6 PM!


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