FCP-2: Why can't (aren't) Task Commands ordered?

Matt Wakeley matt_wakeley at agilent.com
Wed Jun 21 06:35:05 PDT 2000

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* Matt Wakeley <matt_wakeley at agilent.com>
In FCP-2, 4.3 it says:

"7) Task management functions shall have the CRN set to the reserved value of
zero and shall not be tested for precise delivery by the device server."

Why is this?  What happens if a task management command was sent by an
initiator, but is received by the target before some other command(s) that it
might affect (such as a task abort, reset or something)?

It seems like you would want an abort task command to arrive after the task
that is to be aborted...

-Matt Wakeley
Agilent Technologies

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