FCP-2: Command reference per LUN????

Matt Wakeley matt_wakeley at agilent.com
Wed Jun 21 02:57:01 PDT 2000

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In FCP-2, it says in section 4.3:

"Precise delivery of SCSI commands uses the COMMAND REFERENCE NUMBER (CRN) in
the FCP_CMND IU. For each device server having the EPDC bit set to one, the
application client places a monotonically increasing one byte integer in the
CRN field for each command that is transmitted that also requires precise

Where "device server" is defined in 3.1.15 as "An object within the logical
unit which executes SCSI tasks and enforces the rules for task management."

And in it says "The COMMAND REFERENCE NUMBER (CRN) is provided by the
initiator to assist in performing precise delivery checking for FCP commands.
If precise delivery is enabled, a nonzero value of CRN shall be treated as a
command reference number in determining the receipt and ordering of commands
|from a particular initiator to the particular logical unit as described in

All this says that the CRN is maintained on a per LU basis.  This will require
that FCP maintain a "table" of CRNs for every LU in every SCSI target that it
is communicating with.  Remember, SCSI does not have any concept of CRN.

I thought the understanding during the discussions of this, that that CRN was
based on a per TARGET, *not* LU behind the target.

In other words, the SCSI driver passes commands to the FCP layer to be
delivered across fibre channel to the target.  SCSI does not have a concept of
CRN, so, no CRN is passed to the FCP driver.  FCP has to guarantee that these
commands are delivered back to SCSI at the target in the same order that the
SCSI driver passed the commands to FCP (as per SAM-2).

So, what these words are requiring is that SCSI will have to be modified to
track this CRN on a per LU basis.  FCP-2 does not have the knowledge of
information of what's stored in LU control pages (the EPDC bit).  If FCP is
required to have knowledge of all the LUs behind all the targets it is
communicating to, this is violating the boundary between what is FCP and what
is SCSI.

Also, if FCP is required to keep track of all the possible CRNs for each LU
behind each target that it is communicating with, that is a lot of state to
keep around in chips and/or firmware and/or fibre channel drivers.

FCP(-2) is a "mapping" of SCSI to be delivered across Fibre Channel.  That is,
it is a Transport across FC. It should not have to have knowledge about the
internals of SCSI (details about mode pages, number of LUs behind a target,

In SAM-2, the SCSI Command Model is defined as:

Service response =Execute Command (Task Address, CDB, [Task Attribute],
[Data-Out Buffer], [Command Byte Count], [Autosense Request] || [Data-In
Buffer], [Sense Data], Status)

No where is there a CRN. Is FCP-2 placing a new requirement on SCSI (SAM-2) to
include CRN's in it's command model?

The text in FCP-2 needs to be changed to eliminate this notion of CRNs per
LU.  The CRN was meant to be on a per Target basis.

-Matt Wakeley
Agilent Technologies

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